Flatmas and More - Weekly Recap

This week has been so hard. After writing on Sunday, I went to bed with a cough and barely got any sleep. I was up all night coughing, with a head ache and a stomach ache. Even though I had a full day of lectures, I took the day off and ended up sleeping most of the day. 

Tuesday was no difference, If anything it was worse except that I had to get up because I had a lab class so if I didn't go I would be missed. When I got back, I ended up wrapping the last of all my presents and then to feel a little better I put on a face mask. It was terrible and did nothing!
I seriously can't get over how cute the Lively-Reynolds family is! The very first public pictures of James and her sister have been released and I can't get over how gorgeous her curly blonde hair is. So pretty! i'm really glad they came to support Ryan; massive congratulations for his star!
Time for the doctor's! After waiting months - no joke! - I finally got a doctor's appointment! I went for my ankle because I really need to get physio. It's been a ridiculous wait but even worse is how much the swelling is after each day. I just really need to get it sorted and hopefully that will be soon. I wasn't planning on talking about how badly I felt but when she asked, I just burst out crying. She ended up doing a full check and giving me some drugs so I already felt so much better when I got back. I hadn't eaten since Sunday because every time I did I felt so nauseous but boy I was beginning to feel faint.

I finally was getting over this second round of sickness and just in time for the end of the year. We've had a normal week of uni which is crazy because all my friends have even been having parties or finished weeks ago. I, on the other hand, was still having 9-5 most days (all bar Wednesday). Either way, the presentation final went well and then I returned home to prepare for our Flatmas! It was such a fun Christmas meal and I'm so happy that I have flatmates I'm actually friends with now!
To top it off, my sister text me half way through with the most adorable sonogram and the announcement of a second little niece/nephew. To my future mini love, I already can't wait to meet you.
Sophie and Joe ended up heading to a club in the early hours while Zhangqi stayed behind to sleep and I stayed behind to work. I was actually really productive. Because I've been ill, I've missed all my lectures this week so I lecturecast our lectures and then I did a clothes wash, tidied my room and then packed my suitcase. I finally went to bed at 4am before waking up at 10am. I washed my hair, painted my nails, watched some TV, got ready and curled my hair and then set off. 
All my family (cousins) have been home for what seems like weeks so I finally got to join in the fun. The train journey was terrible because it was hot, the toilets were blocked and flooded and then one of the rudest staff spilt fish oil all over my coat, jacket, bag and book. I'm just glad none went in my hair. 

When we got home, mum helped me unpacked and then we quickly set off to a friends house. A friend that my mum went to Young Farmer's with, was throwing a Christmas party so we decided to dress up with tinsel. It was actually a really fun night and the Idle's were there with a very tipsy Rachel who was highly entertaining indeed. 
Every year we get the whole of mum's family together and meet up for a meal at Rogerthorpe. It's usually a really nice day out and it's always lovely to spend it with family. I loved seeing grandma too.