Birchbox at Selfridges! Christmas Special πŸ’„

As you know, I'm a big fan of Birchbox! I've gotten 12 of their monthly subscription boxes so when I saw they were doing a pop-up shop in Selfridges I was super excited to go! It has been opened a while so unfortunately they have run out of the super sparkly, silver metallic one but they did have these blue ones as a replacement. Not quite the Christmas theme I was after but still, it works. 
They're still in Selfridges in London until 28th September so you have lots of time to head over and get your own. Of course, if you want to subscribe, click here. There is no better time than now to sign up. If you use my link, you also get £5 free to spend at the Birchbox Shop as a bonus! I love getting a little surprise present in the mail each month. 

So a little bit about the process. In the make-up section at Selfridges on the ground floor straight in front of the main entrance, there is a little stand. There you will find 6 sections which each contain 4 boxes. In each of the 4 sections, you can pick out one product making a total of 6.

I also loved that they gave you a booklet with all the products in to select from. Plus some cute stickers to decorate the box for if you want to give it to someone as a present.
So onto the products I selected!
 For the body care section I got this cute shower gel. It's a very simple shower gel and perfect for travelling which is the main reason I picked it.
 For my haircare product I got this hair serum. I love multi-use products so the fact this is a heat protectant, restorer and smoother is great! I have had Amika products in my samples before and I loved it so I was sure I'd love this too.
 I love Birchbox's own brand LOC and this eyeshadow is now different. With a glossy pink you can't go wrong for the festive season. I love how easy they are to apply, how long-lasting they are and most importantly how they are easy to transport as I'm travelling for the holidays.
My second make-up item I chose was this Spectrum brush. Sorry the picture is so bad, it's so hard to get a picture of something so tiny. I'd already tried all the other samples in the section and while I did like one of them, you can never have too many brushes so I thought I'd give this one a go :)
My beauty bonus item I picked was these eye patches. I've heard so many great things about these and so I'm excited for my next pamper session!
Finally, this charcoal mask! I think it's obvious I have a major acne issue and I've used a lot of face masks. My favourite is Clinique Pore Refining Clay Mask but my flatmate swears by charcoal so I thought I'd give this one-time use a go. So excited to try it!

I actually really loved this idea that it is buildable and therefore personalised. They say the monthly subscription box is, and while it is to an extent, it's not necessarily what you need. This is perfect for me! The only down side I found was that it was £15. That's a whole £5 extra so that was a bit of a shame.

Let me know if you get one!