GOUSTO: Nutty Noodles - Review and Recipe 🍜

I've been so busy Friday through to Sunday that I literally haven't had time to edit the weekend's vlog but luckily I did have one recorded, and it's been recorded for a while but I just haven't had a) a chance to put the vlog, blog and each done, edited and uploaded and b) I've had lots of life vlogs going up and they're more important for me to get up chronologically. Anyway, I've posted about this box multiple times since I've received it and I finally got the chance to use it and get this together. 
For those that don't know, Gousto is a recipe subscription box that is delivered each week to your door. You choose from 12 delicious, healthy recipes each week. Then they'll deliver recipe cards and quality pre-portioned ingredients for you to simply cook, serve and enjoy your culinary creations!
Opening the box, I was immediately impressed and excited to use it. There was a recipie card, voucher and then the ingredients neatly measured out, ordered and labelled. There was everything I needed to make the dish. 
I'm actually shocked I didn't take any pictures but here are a few screenshots of the video. I loved how the ingredients were pre-measured and the steps were easy to follow. It was super easy and fast to make and everything needed was in the set. The portions were also really big!
I liked the dish at first but it is very nutty so I could only manage a small amount. One of my flatmates loved it, the other hated it and the other liked it but added to it. It was much better after she added some soy sauce, peppers, broccoli and chicken.

Be sure to check out the video below or click here.