Sausage Party (Review) 🌭


Seriously whoever thought of this film has not only one of the weirdest minds but also one of the rudest. It is one of the few movies I would personally never recommend. Never ever ever. 
From the trailer, I was intrigued like I was with Secret Life of Pets. There's something about inanimate or non-understandable objects that clearly intrigue me. Click here to watch the trailer.
We almost immediately hear the pack of hot dogs talking about being taken to the “Great Beyond”, a place outside the automatic doors of the supermarket in a cart, to celebrate red, white and blue day. I thought this very premise would be a really interesting idea. Not only could the food talk but they didn't know about getting eaten!
Like in a real world scenario, there is a different sausage which is slightly deformed which the majority of the others bully. Just one sausage stands up for him and he soon becomes the main character. Not only is he brave, but he is in love with a bun. Seemingly, somehow even though the food doesn't know they get eaten, the hot dog knows he goes inside the bun and that is where my interest in the movie falters. From there on out it's rude comment after rude comment, innuendo after innuendo. 
When one of the products get returned, he implies that the “Great Beyond” isn't all that great but no one believes him. When the items are selected by a human along with him, he starts to panic and drama occurs when Frank the sausage and Brenda the bun try to save him from suicide which causes a mass accident of food. I think the saddest, yet funniest moment, is when Peanut Butter loose his wife Jam, or Jelly to Americans. Aww...
The food that remained in the trolley soon realise that they are in grave danger and it's a goodbye from them. The baby carrots supposedly run away from the bowl but to the women, it looks like they are rolling off the table, an accident on her behalf. I thought this was really clever because that's possible and does happen. When the sausages start to run away and reach a window, she still think nothing of it. Now this is a massive plot flaw! What the hell does she think she did to get two sausages on a window sill?! They were nowhere near!
Either way, back at the shop, the other items are still oblivious to the whole real world lifestyle and are still trying to return to their packets to be resold. On their mission back to the isle, they stumble across the God-like non-perishable foods who made up the original story, some guides to help them back as well as an evil air freshener(?) who's gone mad with anger for them.
Admittedly, it's a clever plot with some weird imaginations some of it could be true but it's VERY far fetched. I love how they integrated human issues in the food world. Gods, religion, marital discourse and drug addicts being just a few. 
There were also a few comedy gold moments throughout. I think one of my favourites was a piece of chewing gum that was alike to Stephen Hawkings and new everything as he was on the table of a scientist. But all of that was corrupted by the incessant use of bad language or porn references. I hated it. The hilarious 'food fighting back scene' was ruined by the orgy party scene following.

I clearly, just didn't get this film and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Unless you like swearing, vulgar language and dirtiness, do not watch! I struggled to get through this, taking 12 hours to watch from start to finish.

Never again.