Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Review)

I'm not going to lie, I usually hate when series are continued beyond that which is needed or rebooted for no reason and while I do indeed feel that this series was not needed, I did really enjoy watching it and I loved every second of immersion into the Gilmore Girl world I was once obsessed with.

I thought it was a little weird that the series was released almost 10 years since the last episode, yet it picks up just a few days after the last finishes with each episode lasting a season in the year following. I actually thought that was a really clever way to split up and I loved the promo material used for each aspect.
I loved that the background characters stayed the same and all their personalities were still as humorous as ever. The only ones that really change are the main characters with Emily losing herself, Lorelei and Luke being at each other and Rory being a total disappointment.
Yes, I don't say that lightly but she was. Rory was always kind of a role model. She was academic, goal-orientated and always striving for greatness. I always thought that's how I wanted to be but she's turned into this young woman who's utterly lost and hasn't a purpose. She's almost care free and keeps secrets from everyone. She's cheating on her boyfriend - who she regularly forgets about - with another man who's engaged already. She lies to everyone and doesn't even have a place to call home. I'm totally confused at how she got there and it's never really explained.
Of course, my favorite mother-daughter dynamic was still as lively as ever but it was also destroyed. Rory no longer shares her life with her mother. Instead she keeps secrets, guards her life and even ends up breaking up their relationship for a brief period.

I do like symmetry and I thought it was very clever how the story ended with the same way as it started but at the same time, this series was supposed to answer the cliffhanger ending and leave us viewers as a sense of relief and closure. Instead, there are more unanswered questions than ever and the disappointment is only too clear.

“I’m pregnant”

Who's baby is it (Logan's I assume)? Will Rory keep the baby? Who will she end up with? Logan who's engaged or Jess? If she keeps the baby, she'll need to start getting paid for her work or does she move on?

I'm so disappointed!