Wild: Deodrant Subscription Box (Review)

With July being plastic free month, I've been really trying to reduce my plastic intake and recycle or be environmentally friendly where possible. I've been trying a number of new companies and products to help reduce my carbon footprint and protect the environment whilst also being healthier for me too. 

Wild is a company which states their "mission is to shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products. Through wildly sustainable products, [they] hope to redefine the future of personal care." and I for one think it's amazing! 
I signed up for the Starter Kit, which comes in this cute package and the box fits perfectly through the letter box. With that kit, you get one refill and one reusable applicator. There are four colours to choose from: orange, green, silver and the most recently added, purple. They're all gorgeous colours but I went with silver because I felt it went better in the room and because the durable aluminium and recycled plastic is so sleek and beautiful, I wanted it on display!
I then selected my scent. There were five to choose from but I love citrus smells so went for the Orange Zest. The others were Mint Fresh, Bergamot Rituals, Rose Blush and Coconut Dreams. I'm not a massive fan of mint or coconut but I would like to try Bergamot and Coconut eventually too!

I think it's amazing that the cartridges are completely compostable, as they are made of bamboo. They also promise that it stays kind to your body and its environment, while offering maximum sweat security...which I need! Importantly to me, the products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from artificial fragrance, parabens, aluminium and sulfates.
I also love the company's ethos and ethic. They are the world’s first zero-plastic deodorant and they also make offsetting a priority. For every deodorant sold, a percentage of sales goes to their chosen climate charity 'On A Mission', to support incredible reforestation projects.

The box comes with clear benefits of the product, as well as a simple how to assemble guide. It took me a little while at first to put it together because I was trying to open the wrong part but after a couple of minutes, it all eventually clicked! I actually thought it was a really clever system in that the refill fits right inside snuggly and the base rotates to push the bottom of the refill upwards. You do have to squeeze the sides before putting it in to melt it somewhat but I didn't have any problems with it getting stuck throughout use.
The product itself smells amazing. I absolutely loved the scent and it truly lasted all day. The first three days, I did a light coverage with just two swipes on each armpit. I sweat a lot anyway, and found that I was sweating through it. I had read about the transition period of 2 to 4 weeks, as your body gets used the natural ingredients, so it wasn't unexpected and as it came during lockdown, it didn't matter too much. On the fourth day, I put on a little more than normal. I did a few swipes back and fourth and then did the trick! It worked like magic and lasted all day long...incredibly. You could smell it by the end of the day. I didn't notice the feeling throughout the day, but the next day I noticed that it felt a little slimey (I have showers in the morning), which I wasn't a huge fan of, and also, it did stain my dark blue dress. I hadn't noticed staining before that and it was a dark piece of clothing but somewhat disappointing regardless.
Having now used it for a month, I would say that overall, I really like the product and love that the scent lasts all day - and night! - long. I didn't particularly enjoy the transition period but it didn't last too long. I also didn't like the fact that it stains, but I have only noticed this a handful of time, perhaps when I am putting it on too thickly. I also was quite surprised by how quickly it gets used. I would say it'll probably last about 5 weeks per cartridge refill. Also, another thing I somewhat didn't like was that the product gets on the side of the case, as it melts to body temperature. I just went in the reverse direction on my armpit to remove, but something to note.

To try the product yourself you can sign up here for 20% off the Starter or Discover Kit, with a range of scents to select. Plus, if you sign up before Monday, you can get entry into their great competition.