Baby Bird, Father's Day and Summer Heatwave!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the last few weeks and so in between work, I've been enjoying it as much as possible.
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My week started with some training which was organised by a fellow SeneSister on the campaign of Black Lives Matter. I will be sharing the training a little later here. I was really eye opening and allowed us to have an open and honest conversation, giving a chance to self-reflect on our own opinions.
It has been so hot recently and I've been really struggling to concentrate inside because it is so HOT! Two of the days were just ridiculous so I ended up sunbathing and reading. Don't You Cry by Cass Green was a book that I got for my birthday; it's not a book I'd normally choose for myself but I ended up loving it!
Sadly, on one of the days we found a baby bird. It was right in front of my car and so young, just a few days old. We assume it must have fallen from a nearby nest but we couldn't find one anywhere. In the end, we googled what to do and dad's girlfriend wore gloves to move it out of the open air and hid it in a nearby bush, hoping the mother would find it soon. Sadly, when we woke up the next day, it had passed away. It was just too young for even us to feed so there wasn't much we could do.
Father's Day is a holiday that often coincides with my birthday and last year it fell on my birthday and so I surprised him by telling him I had a boyfriend! This year, it was nice to be able to be together as I don't think that's happened for a good number of year. Of course, I had to put him to work. After fixing my drawer which ended up being a very easy fix, he decided to fix my bathroom door which has been broken since before I moved in. A few shouts later, it was better but still didn't close...don't tell dad!
I fell in love with this card the second I saw it and I knew straight away I had to get it. I was so lost as to what to get him for a present because he always gets himself anything he wants. In the end, I got him some key secure clips and then some pillows and pillow covers that said Reserved for the Boss and Reserved for Grandpa. I thought there sofa was really bare and the pillows very flat, but it turns out Karen throws them off, so perhaps not the best present...oops! Either way, I like them so I will happily take them to my house when I - finally - have one. 
With the gorgeous weather, the rose garden flowers have well and truly bloomed. They are absolutely gorgeous and they make me so happy. I am absolutely in love with the yellow roses, but sadly there are only a few of them. Rose used to be my favourite flowers, but now they're lillies, despite the mess they make.
With a few days of absolutely beautiful weather, I ended up borrowing my dad's laptop and working under the parasol at the top end of the garden. The seats are really comfortable and there's shade there until about 4pm in the afternoon, at which point, I either come inside to finish or take a break to sunbathe. It's actually been quite a nice little routine and so I'm really going to miss working outside when the weather changes again.
I'd been really wanting to go on a sheltered canal walk for the past two months and with the sun shining and hitting 30 degrees, I thought it was another great opportunity. Sadly, it was not to be and we ended up going on a new-to-me walk instead, which was fine and it was lovely but it was very much out in the open and I really needed the shade during the weather. Thankfully, it was a little breezy otherwise I would have completely melted.
The week - a very HOT and SWEATY week - ended with a rainy weekend. I love the heat, I really do. But I like to sunbathe, sitting on a sun lounger and jumping in and out of the swimming pool...not attempting to work, so I really was quite thankful for the rainy weekend. I managed to do some training, get caught up on some work and even get wayyy ahead on blog posts, so now apart from the weekly daily life vlog posts, I'm pretty much sorted for the rest of the month which is nice.

I had bought a yellow top from Amazon because I wanted to add some colour to my wardrobe and it was possibly my biggest mistake ever! I look absolutely terrible in yellow and I will not be buying one again; I returned it straight away. I also had a great weekend of sales for Hannah's Lips UK and loved taking them to the post office to make my customers happy.
We were planning to have a Sunday roast dinner for once, but sadly, the chicken wasn't ready in time so we ended up having in on Monday night instead but it was incredible! I love a roast dinner and I will defintely be making it a weekly tradition when I have my own house. 
The last part of the vlog was just a crazy busy couple of days. I was busy doing university work, but also preparing different bits and bobs for Hannah's Lips UK as it was coming to the end of my June sale and it ended up being a really busy period! I ended up having to do 3 hours of lectures and on all my breaks I recorded a Shop my Stock and a Limited Edition Unboxing, before rushing straight to the post office.