What "WE" got Each Other for our Anniversary 2021!

Another special day, another gift haul. This year we actually got to spend the day together for our anniversary. I was so sad last year to have to celebrate over FaceTime as it was pretty much the start of the first National U.K. lockdown. This year, it happened to fall on a bank holiday so Luke had the day off work, and I requested the day off so I could spend it with him. 

We still couldn’t do much because of the current restrictions but we started the day with presents. I ended up getting Luke a few little gifts that were on his wish list. We’ve been putting up a lot of artwork recently and so a laser level would have come in quite handy, so that was one of the gifts. I also got him something for his office desk that he’s been asking for for a while: Newton’s Cradle. Personally, I think it will distract him too much but I think they’re cool so happy to have it in my house at some point.

Then I bought him a game, More or Less. He had a different one on his list but it seemed too frustrating and I know it would cause arguments, so this one had a similar style but easier questions. Finally, he has recently decided that he loves painting so a bought a paint by numbers but one that’s personalised and it’s a picture of us. I actually ordered this for Christmas, but it’s only just arrived. It’s from a small business, which I love to support but sadly it took over 3 months to arrive and wasn’t packaged great, so I wouldn’t recommend. 

Luke bought me the most beautiful jewellery storage unit from Stackers. I have been wanting this for a long time but it has been out of stock. I was going to treat myself but Luke wanted to buy it for me as he knew I’d treasure it. I will be doing a full review shortly so stay tuned! You can use my link to get 10% off your entire purchase at Stackers!

What type of presents do you prefer? One big one or lots of smaller ones?