Making a House a Home: Study Reveal!

*Since posting this reveal, the room has been revamped and updated. Click here for the updated room.*

The last and final room in my two bedroom, two up-two down terraced room is finally being shared! This room was actually the last room to be finished because it was a little up in the air as to whether or not my partner would be staying with me or not, and therefore which desk would be required. It's also the one that's going to change the most because the current sofa from the lounge, will be moving in here when the new sofa finally arrives in January!

As we are waiting to select a desk, we first of all put in the charcoal blackout blind and charcoal lamp shade. With so much white furniture in the rest of the house, I wanted this room to feel warmer and darker. I also already had a lamp which was the pop of colour and couldn't find other decor to match so felt this was the easiest way. 

On the window sill, I have my archery club photograph, birthday print and simple plant stationary bits. 

All the other bits in the room will be revealed soon. They are mainly for Luke when he's working from here, although he's still based for the majority of time at his mum's house. 

When the sofa does come up, I'm going to be using my already bought pillows, which match the lampshade well. I wanted it to have a comfortable place to sit down and read, with lots of cushions to feel homely!