Making a House a Home: Colour Schemes for the Rooms!

As you know, I have recently moved into my new rental house! I cannot believe how quickly I have made this house a home and it helped for me to organise myself by selecting a colour scheme for the rooms early on. That was my next step following on from selecting the big furniture! Given that it's a rental, it's just the decorations and furniture that have been coloured because I'm not painting the walls or putting wallpaper up etc. 

My bedroom was the first and easiest one to pick. I originally wanted a mustard yellow or ochre theme but after having "leftover" pink accessories from my farmhouse room redecoration, it didn't make sense to buy new items, so I saved money and kept the pink/grey theme going. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm really girly but I'm really not! 

The bathroom also came very easily. I already had my towels which were a mid-blue and then my bathmat was a pebble brown colour. Of course, I wasn't really going to add a colour as such but the accessories I found just matched so it worked well. 

From there the two main rooms were the lounge and the kitchen. I had a navy vase from my boyfriend, for my 24th so that somewhat made an impact, but I still wanted to have the ochre yellow colour so I made the lounge ochre and navy. 

I was then planning on extending that to the kitchen as the two flow together, but the kitchen somewhat naturally became a light teal. I have a plant pot and the soap which just matched so they were the focus points, that the colour then was based on. 

The second bedroom/study, I wanted to be a bit warmer because all the other rooms had white furniture so although I haven't got a desk just yet, I wanted darker furniture and accessories. Then I already had blue cushions, so that will be the basis for the pops of colour. 

Finally, the hallways and staircase. All three of these are very small areas that obviously connect so I wanted these to flow. The downstairs hallway is white, with the staircase being green/black/white as I wanted somewhere to have nature incorporated into it and then the upstairs hallway is again white. 

I'm really impressed and I actually think the rooms nicely flow together. Let me know what you think! What colour schemes would you pick and would it be consistent throughout the house or in each room?