Midwifery Pocket Reference Cards - Student Midwife Studygram (Review)

I oh so wish I'd found the Student Midwife Studygram at the start of my student midwife journey, although my bank account defintely thanks me, because I would have ended up buying  A LOT. 

I actually found the account on a student midwife facebook group, where Jessica posted some free poster images. They were utterly gorgeous so I quickly found her on Instagram and saw that she actually had a shop and sold everything she created. Jessica is a wife, mother and now qualified midwife, but started the account whilst she was still a student. She drew her own revision notes and decided to share them to stop them from going to waste. From there, everyone loved them and she turned it into a business. 

You all know I love sharing small business', so sharing a midwife owned small business makes me incredible happy. When she launch her second edition of the pocket reference cards, I decided to treat myself to an early graduation present. 

The cards arrived very quickly and promptly, packaged beautifully. They came in two separate boxes despite all fitting in one, which I thought was lovely. Each pack contains 5 cards in each, double sided. The quality is amazing and the paper is thick, with high quality ink printing. I do however think they are overpriced for what they are, but then again delivery is free and it has a case. Also, a side note is that they are waterproof *wink wink*. 

I thought they would come in really useful as handy aids whilst in practice and beginning my newly qualified midwife journey. I especially bought them for the presentation card as that is what I currently struggle with the most in practice. 

Overall, I absolutely love them and I am sure they will come in very handy in the future. They really are the perfect pocket sized reference cards!