Making a House a Home: Finished House Tour!

From picking the big furniture, selecting the colour scheme for all the rooms and going overboard on decorating, I cannot believe the house is finally finished! I am so excited to share a full overview of the house with a full video tour which can be watched here. Let me know what you think! Do you love it, do you hate it, what would you change? 

The hallway I think is great, but I do wish the stairway frames were white and not black. 

I love my bathroom, but the towel rack is still causing a couple of problems. 
My bedroom is still my paradise and I cannot get over how comfortable my bed and mattress are. 

I am so glad we went with the pop of colour for the kitchen blind in the end. 

Whilst I can't wait for my permanent comfy sofa, I still love my lounge/dining room

Finally, the study was an after thought but it's functional and perfect for those quiet moments of study. 

The last part that needs finishing is the garden. There has been some leftover rubbish that needs removing from the previous tenants, but other than that, it's pretty basic. The patio is currently being ripped up and refitted and I will replant some grass come summer. At the moment, I don't plan on getting any garden furniture as the one I want in the future won't fit, but I plan on using a plastic table and my camping chairs for the time being. Other than that, it's a relatively low maintenance property on the outside and I can't wait to enjoy the summer out there!