Bonfire Night, Car MOT and Lockdown Friendships!

I finally got my car MOT and new lockdown rules, meant I could meet with Sam! 
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After a lovely day off relaxing, I was on the phone to a friend when I was closing the curtains. For some reason, I looked up and all of a sudden I noticed the curtain rail was falling out of the wall. Of course, cue panic! Luckily, Luke came round that evening to take them down and then fixed them over the weekend. So far, so good, but I'm pretty sure they will come out again at some point so we will just have to wait and see. I defintely keep looking and checking. 

On the positive, having the curtains open, meant that I could watch the fireworks on Bonfire night. I was a little sad this time because it's the first year I've been by myself and not celebrating with fireworks or sparklers. Nevertheless, at least I got to see a couple. 
After a few long days of relaxing and having some pyjamas day, chilling, my migraine finally passed so I got dressed and ready for the day. Honestly, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to get ready at the moment because there's no one to see, but nevertheless, I made a little bit of an effort. I cleaned the entire house the day before, ready to film the completed house tour and today was more of a job day. 
I finally ended up booking my car MOT. It had the 6 month extension on for the lockdown, but that was coming up fast. With so much going on and waiting on my usual garage to have a free place, I ended up realising there was 2 weeks left so I quickly booked it in at Halford's and had a great experience. Whilst it was in the garage, I headed to Sainsbury's to do a shop and then managed to leave my trolley at customer services, before going back to collect my car and then get it again afterwards. I was originally wanting a McDonald's but then I fancied a KFC so Luke ended up coming over with KFC for us both instead. 

The car did actually fail the MOT, but only for a rear break pad, so I managed to book it in the next day for the pair to be repaired. Luckily, it's only 20 minutes down the road, so I dropped it off and then walked back along the canal. 
I actually had a proper lie in for once and so when my alarm went off I pretty much got straight in the car. I ended up walking Once I got home again, I put in some bacon for a sandwich and went upstairs to finish getting ready. I actually had so many little jobs to get done, mainly to do with Luke's birthday coming up, Christmas and meeting up with Sam.
For Luke's birthday, I needed to wrap up his presents and decorate the birthday table, as well as write his card. I also ended up having time to write all my Christmas cards. 
I hadn't actually realised the new lockdown rules meant two single people from different households could actually meet up and it was so nice. We genuinely never stopped talking and literally just caught up about everything and 
I ended up cutting the day in this vlog in half so next week, the vlog continues from here. This week was literally all about the canal walks!