Halloween Decor, Spooky Baking and SNTA Celebrations!

This week is all about Halloween and the SNTA Awards Night has finally arrived! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

With a spooky feel to the vlog and my week, I've actually already shared some of the details in separate posts. I look decorating for Halloween, so couldn't resist throwing up some decorations, despite barely moving in. You can see all the details here. We'd also planned on an adventure day out to the pumpkin patch, but sadly they announced they had run out of pumpkins the morning we were going. I was so devastated but convinced Luke to bake some spooky cupcakes instead. You can read about the recipe, inspiration and design here

The last DIY thing left to do in the house, was the kitchen blind. Sadly, when it arrived in the post, it was really damaged. In fact is was pretty poor. I was hoping it was just the box but when opened and unwrapped, the metal pole had bent and the entire blind had a huge crease to it. We ended up nipping to the shop to return it and pick up a replacement, that they said was available online, but when we arrived they didn't have it in the right size so we went for a light blue shade instead. It wasn't quite what I'd imagined but it does add some colour and dimension to the room so hopefully, it will all tie together with the decor. 
I ended up working a shorter shift, with just 9 hours, instead of 12.5 hours, because I had to get back home for the Student Nursing Times Award Night Celebrations. It was meant to be a huge event in London, back in April with an opportunity to network and it was a little bit of an anti-climatic end to my SNTA journey but I'm going to share all about it here tomorrow. 

A day off work called for a day of deliveries. Lots of little art pieces and some decor arrived, as well as my new front door which got installed over the course of the day and the long awaited last two pieces of furniture! I ended up building the tv unit all by myself and I was so impressed with myself. My thumb was a little sore after hammering it a few times and there was a small piece of damage to the back but luckily, it will be covered so it should be okay. I also made the two benches and then Luke came to finish the table itself. I absolutely love them both and although I actually quite like eating on the floor, it was nice to eat at the table for the first time! 
This place is already home and although I'm a little lonely because I can't see any of my friends or family, it's still perfect. Ps. For those that don't know, my city is officially in tier 3 and the only person I can see is Luke.