Making a House a Home: Bathroom Reveal!

For the second room reveal, we are moving onto the bathroom! This is another smaller room with not much too it but it's also the one I had to make storage space for. As with the previous room reveal of the hallway, most of the bits bought are from Amazon, Dunelm or ASDA George. Also, not everything is brand new so not everything will be linked but I will try to find as many things as I can. Finally, I haven't put anything up with nails or hooks, so everything uses command hooks or command strips. 

Walking in, next to the toilet is a simple silver metal toilet brush and bin. These were both bought ages ago so I don't know where they're from to be honest! Likewise, a stick on toilet roll holder is on the wall. Above the toilet, I bought a bathroom rules canvas. I was torn between getting a blue or grey coloured one, but I thought the grey would be more reusable. 

Onto the sink area. I have a small grey basket and a metal circular stand mirror. It was a difficult room to utilise because the sink has a window behind it and it isn't central which was frustrating but we've made it work! On the other side, I bought a toothbrush organiser. This can also be stuck onto a wall, but I quite like having it on an angle. 

Under the sink, I need something to hold a hand towel. I looked for things that would fit around the sink because sadly a cupboard wouldn't as there wasn't enough space next to the bath. In the end, because similar products without shelves were pricier, I ended up getting a under basin unit more for storage, which I actually don't like the look of, but it's more practical. 

Above the bath, I have two command shelves, two hooks for poofs and one suction cup for my razor. I love how organised this little set up looks! The bathmat (along with my towels) are from ASDA George years ago. I then went looking for a shower curtain and found one that matched perfectly with the items I already had. I got this nautical shower curtain which had the perfect pebble brown and blue shades and I love how it just adds a pop of colour all together. I also bought some shower clips to put along the wall side to stop water spraying out of the bath tub and they work so well!

Another storage item was a slim floor cabinet. I wanted it to go next to the toilet, but once again, their wasn't enough space and I still wanted it, so I got it! I use it for my makeup in one drawer, nails in another and then toilet roll storage and cleaning products. It's so perfect. It was a faff to put together but I'm obsessed. 

Finally, to finish the room, as there was nowhere to put the towels, I bought an over the door towel rack. Honestly, I need it because I don't know where else I'd put the towels but it's not really working at the moment because it keeps catching on the door frame, hence why it is currently blue tacked down! 

What do you like? What do you hate? Any tips for small bathroom, towel storage?