Making a House a Home: Lounge/Dining Room Reveal!

This is the room reveal I am the most excited to share. I just feel like the room looks so different now that it has furniture and is decorated. I wanted it to be the first but the last of the artwork has literally just arrived this week, so I had to wait until that was in first of course! The kitchen leads straight into the dining room/lounge so I have the two areas somewhat separated but still feels joined. 

The furniture for this room can all be seen and linked in this post, along with mini reviews, and as shared previously the colour scheme was based around a navy blue vase and my desire for ochre to be involved! 
Above the dining room table, I fell in love with a gorgeous 3 set of canvas prints, in a watercolour mountain painting. I liked the modern feel of this artwork, whilst also enjoying nature and tying all the colours together. For the table, I bought the ochre-grey reversible placemats and coasters, with navy fabric napkins
Above the radiator, I have the collage frame that was originally bought for the upstairs landing but came in the wrong colour. I was going to return it, but I thought it would be perfect for this little corner as well. 
The sideboard is one of my favourite pieces of furniture. On this, I have my funky ochre lamp, navy vase from my boyfriend and of course, my BT broadband hub which fits the colour scheme perfectly. Next to it, I have my two floor cushions for extra seating in both ochre and indigo
On the sofa, I have my teddy bear blanket in ochre, plus 4 cushions. 2 ochre cushions in the large size and 2 navy cushions in the small size. I am still wanting a silver wire blanket basket for the blanket to go in when not in use, but for now, it makes the sofa more comfortable. 
Finally, for the curtains I bought some eyelet ochre thermal curtains. I do regret not buying blackout curtains because the lighting during the day, when trying to watch the television can be rather awkward. Finally, the lamp shade for the ceiling light matches the lamp. I genuinely love this quirky fixture and I think it adds some warmth to the room.
What's your favourite part of the room? I can't decide between the shades or the mountain artwork!