Birthday Prep, Turning 25 and International Project!

Luke turned 25 so I spent the second of the half of the day prepping for his birthday more before celebrating, and then having a busy week at university. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

This vlog actually continued on from last week's. I cut the day in half because I wanted the two birthday bits to be together and it was just too long! When I got back from my walk with Sam, I put tea on. I hadn't really had any lunch because I'd had a late breakfast, so I was starving. I'd somewhat forgot it was Luke's birthday this weekend so I had a roast dinner in to make, so had to eat the chicken. I ended up making a roast dinner for myself. Of course, it was amazing and I absolutely loved it, but it was strange eating alone and I had so much chicken in!

After eating, I made the Salted Caramel cupcakes and decorated the table. By the time I'd finished I was just so upset and disheartened. I was exhausted and nothing seemed to be going quite right. I hadn't realised that you were meant to put the inside of the cupcakes back inside and so it was a bit of a fail with collapsed icing. Plus the caramel sauce which took forever to make, and actually looked and tasted really nice, for some reason, ended up being completely absorbed in. I don't know why, so any tips, please let me know! 

After two long days at work, I came home and had a shower. I was originally planning on waiting until afterwards, but I was just ready to be in my pyjamas, comfy and cosy. I had a shower, washed my hair and then got ready for bed. 

As Luke wanted to spend his birthday with his family, we ended up having a takeaway from Barburrito. Of course, it was Luke's choice as it was his birthday but I wasn't very excited. I ordered it as part of his present and then got the cupcakes out to finish the table set up and prepare for tea, as a surprise for when he got here. In the end, although spicy, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the food tasted and I wouldn't mind having it again but it wouldn't be my first choice because I just thought it was overpriced. 

The next morning, we spent a while in bed, before getting up and heading downstairs to open presents. Then we went down for a walk along the canal. We stopped at Costa for a takeaway lunch, then headed back to mine to catch up on Star Trek: Discovery. In between, I lit a little cupcake with a candle and sang happy birthday. Of course, he wouldn't let me record much, but I got a couple of clips, before he left and headed back to his home. 

I think lockdown this time had just really taken it out of me. Watch the vlog for my full explanation but it's just very different to the first for me. I'm so much more emotional and I just hate when he leaves me. I just wish he would stay. 

On a more positive note, the vlog finished with me being involved in an international project, but it seemed so fitting to be involved during Week of the International Midwife, at such a time when international movement is actually quite difficult because of the current pandemic. As there wasn't much to record for the duration of these, I decided to end the vlog but I will talk more about it in a blog post later on!