Making a House a Home: Picking the Big Furniture!

The first thing I needed to do when I first moved into the house was get some furniture. I was originally looking at furnished properties but they were all so much more expensive or I didn't like the furniture that was in them, so I told myself I would just get cheap furniture. In the end, I spoke to my dad and settled on the idea of getting semi-decent furniture that could move with me when I moved out and then I wouldn't have to rush into getting expensive furniture and instead, could slowly replace the furniture as and when needed. In all honesty, it turned out to be a lot more expensive than originally anticipated but I did get literally everything that I wanted so I'm happy. 

In the bedroom, I went for white furniture: 4 Piece White and oak Heritage Bedroom Set. I already had a white floor length mirror so I wanted it to match. I love having wooden tops, although I thought they would be a little more realistic, instead of a plastic coating. I think the furniture fits the room really well and it looks good together, exactly where I wanted it. I'm personally not a fan of having just one side table so I defintely wanted two! I also wanted the option to add an additional chest of drawers if needed, if my partner decided to move in. The furniture has a couple of marks, the paint hasn't been fully peeled from the idents of the doors, but for the price, the quality is fairly good, does the purpose and was easy to put together. 

For the bed, as much as I wanted to get one that had more storage, I actually don't like the look of most of them, and the ones I did like with drawers underneath, ended up being far too expensive. My favourite beds are actually simply the ones that are wooden and so I found the cheapest white wooden bed with quick delivery and bought it. It ended up being from Laura James for less than £90. It was cheap, quick and easy to put together and feels very strong and sturdy. The only downside is that there is slight damage to the wood and some chips out of it unfortunately. 

The other big furniture I picked was for the lounge. The lounge is also the dining room so I wanted the furniture to match, whilst also being separate so that they can go in separate rooms when I move into a bigger house. I was originally going to get the furniture set but I didn't like the side table that came with the set and I wanted more storage than the basic coffee table provided. In the end, I chose the large TV cabinet and the nesting side tables.
For the dining room area, I picked the larger of the two tables at 150cm, with benches. I also got a sideboard for tablemats etc. and board games. I didn't have anywhere to store them so I needed a unit big enough. I would have preferred the larger version but it was out of stock and didn't have a date as to when it would be back. 
I liked that the Lancaster collection had a lot of other items so I could expand and purchase more in the future. It wasn't as cheap as I had originally hoped, but the material is thick and sturdy, meaning it will last a while. I went for cream because I thought the room might be quite dark with the grey carpet and grey walls, so to brighten it up. It was again, fairly easy to put together and I feel this collection will last and grow with me over the years. 

The sofa was a separate matter. I found a sofa that I really liked (Zora 3 seater) but it sadly wasn't available until February so I quickly moved on. I then found another sofa that said Christmas delivery guaranteed and it was an incredible price as it was in a 50% off sale. I really wanted to try and find a sofa that would get here as soon as possible, so we went sofa shopping in person. We went to SCS first and the first sofa I saw was the one I found online and I fell in love even more because it was so comfy as well. We then looked at a further 4 shops, especially at the clearance section as they were ready to takeaway. Sadly, most of them were a lot more expensive, leather and required self-collection which was a faff. I had my heart set on the original and so I ordered that one instead: Harry 3 seater sofa
In the meantime, I looked around for really cheap sofa beds that could then be repurposed in the future. The cheapest one that was available quickly was the IKEA Sofa Bed in Hammarn, so I ended up going and collecting that one, which is going to be used for the next 12 weeks and then be replaced and moved to the study instead. 
Decor, artwork and further accessories will be posted soon!