Job Interview, Halloween Celebrations and Autumn Walks!

 With my second interview taking place, Halloween and working, this weekend was a big one!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

My Friday off started bright and early in the morning. I woke up before my alarm at 7am and got ready and dressed for my interview. It was originally suppose to be in person, at the hospital, but given Nottingham has gone into Tier 3 lockdown, they made the decision shortly after the announcement to do it online. I actually felt more comfortable doing it online, but I still wanted to get ready and dress smart. 

I spent a couple of hours preparing: revising OSCE's, looking over questions, researching the trust and qualities, plus wrote down a couple of questions I had for the end of the interview. Just before it started, as I was in the waiting room I was really nervous but excited. I felt ready. 

I actually felt the first half of the interview went really well. I thought I'd answered the questions thoroughly and fully, but then it seemed to go downhill after a question on fitting that I wasn't expecting at all. From then I just felt I repeated all my answers which was a shame. I don't know if I was answering them right or wrong, but we shall see. There isn't long to wait as they're ringing us all on Monday so fingers crossed! 

Unusually for me, I wore three outfits that day! I put on a jumper for the rest of the day as I did my list of jobs. I didn't get anywhere near as much as I'd planned done, but nevertheless, it was somewhat productive. I went on my final tip run, went to the shops, loaded the car, organised the lounge and then vacuumed everywhere. I didn't quite have time to clean because I ended up putting fairy lights in my cupboard which ended up taking forever and before I knew it, Luke had finished work and was heading over for date night. I was so looking forward to it being a special night, just the two of us, but it unfortunately didn't quite work out like that, with one disaster after the other. I was very disappointed. 
The next day was Halloween. It felt very strange and different this year because for the past few years I've had parties and worn costumes. Luke once again didn't join in on the fun, so instead I just wore my pumpkin jumper. 
First of all, we headed over to the university campus. It's actually not that far away from my new house, but Luke wasn't a fan of the weather and wanted to drive. It wasn't that bad; it was a little windy and the rain was sprinkling. I ended up winning a mini competition with Coppafeel so went to collect the cute prize. 
I did manage to convince Luke to come on a campus and lake walk with me, that was actually really nice. It was so quiet and peaceful as there weren't many people out, which I actually liked. I just felt so refreshed afterwards and enjoyed some much needed time out of the house. 

When we got back, I started to cook out Sunday lunch. As I was working on the Sunday (and every Sunday for the rest of my degree!), I wanted to enjoy the first roast with the dining room table. Of course, Luke ended up taking over, as he does with most things as he doesn't think I'm good enough, so instead of arguing, I left him to it and enjoyed watching Star Trek: Discovery in the lounge. 
After eating what was an amazing roast, we went on a little canal walk, before it got too dark and the sun set completely. I didn't realise how close it really was, but it's practically on my doorstep and just 5 minutes down the road. It's a lovely little stretch, albeit a little creepy in the dark. 
When we got back, I was so excited to put on pyjamas and get ready for snuggling on the sofa and watching a film, but sadly I forgot about carving the pumpkin. Of course, I was the worst girlfriend ever because I didn't even think about candles and matched. Once finished, Luke went out to get candles and then spent an hour trying to light it with random bits and bobs, before giving up and going back out to get matches...story of my life! I hate candles with a passion (soot and scents) so I just don't keep those things in. By the time it was all done, it was past 9.30pm. 

Finally, we sat down and enjoyed an episode of Snowpiercer before Luke left me for another week of living alone. I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling a little bit. I think Luke probably thinks I'm being a little needy but I literally can't see anyone else and there is only so much you can text about. It's been nice to have things to break up my week recently but from now on, I'm pretty much just in the house on my days off. Any suggestions of things to do alone, whilst the country is back in lockdown, would be greatly appreciated!