Halloween Week: Exam, House Party and Archery!

Halloween week was crazy busy this week and utterly exhausting but so much fun. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The week started off with the big exam. It was a strange exam because we hadn't had any theory teaching for almost 10 weeks so I had to literally teach myself the whole module from scratch. I wrote by revision bible, as I like to call it, and then spent the next few days writing revision posters up before practising lots of different exam questions. 
I qualify for rest breaks during exams so the others finished about an hour earlier than I did. I ended up meeting them in town and while they'd only been drinking for an hour, they hadn't eaten anything all day, so you can only imagine. It was hilarious. We went to MOD pizza for lunch and the girls were all very impressed by the price.
 The plan when we got home was to go for a night out in some bars, but by the time I got home from Archery at 10.30pm, I was exhausted. The girls had clearly had a few drinks so of course, I went next door for help and they followed. It was all a bit of a disaster and no one ended up going out but I enjoyed a few card games before heading to bed.

I absolutely love Halloween but I've not really properly celebrated. Living on a farm with no neighbours, we didn't really go trick or treating. I think I've maybe been twice in my life. Anyway, I wanted to go all out so decided to host a last minute house party!

I had already bought decorations the week before but we all went on a little shopping trip to ASDA to get the pumpkins and do a food shop. When we got back, we decorated before carving pumpkins with some friends.
I unfortunately got bored and my plan didn't quite work out for the design, but nevertheless, it was a lot of fun.
The finished products were super cute. I cleaned the kitchen and ate tea before getting ready for the party. I was actually super sad because I really wanted to be a Greek Goddess but when I looked in my costumer bag, it wasn't there. Sam tried on all my outfits and really wanted to be Hawaiian girl and then Vicki wanted to be the Geek so I was left with my usual Devil. It was fine but I didn't have my black dress with me so I ended up with my black leggings and red top.
 It was all fun until literally everyone in the house left me to go to another party. I was so sad, I may have shed a few tears, but I try not to hold grudges. As deeply hurt as I was, they all returned home in less than an hour because apparently the party was totally dead. Ooops...karma!
For actual Halloween, I had placement 9-5 and by the time I was home, I was totally ready for bed but I finally ate a proper meal and managed to get some energy. I rang my friend who said it started at 8pm, so I decided to jump in the shower before getting ready for archery
 It was actually so much fun. I didn't stop laughing the entire night. I feel like I have a little family at archery. We get on so well and I was so shocked when the person I really wanted as a mentor, ended up being my mentor! It was totally perfect! Plus the fun shoot was really fun. We shot at pumpkins, balloons and spooky pictures. I think I've finally worked out what I need to do to get the target (a heavier bow) and Mary is super great at pushing me.
What did you do for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below!