Halloween Decor and Amazon Clothing Haul!

I finally got around to getting this post together and just in time for Halloween! 

I went to Wilko on the way home from placement one night and picked up a bunch of little decorations for £1 each. 

I loved the two garland options so I picked up both some bats and pumpkins. This are absolutely amazing and look fab. They are super easy to open up and use, they just simply unfold. 
I got some spider webs. Honestly, I love how it looks but it's a complete nightmare to make look good. You have to work the webbing really hard to get it to look even half way decent. Plus, there aren't many spiders. I would defintely go for white if you want this as the black doesn't have the same effect.
I picked up a table cloth because I thought it would be nice to have in the kitchen to make it a little festive. I love that it was the perfect size and it wipes clean so can be used every day until Halloween.
For my room, I got a selection of glow in the dark pumpkin window stickers. I wish I'd got more but they look amazing from outside my window.
Finally, a goo egg. I was expecting amazing things but it's literally just a cream egg. The inside is just white which was a little disappointing the say the least.
I went to ASDA with my flatmates and saw the cutest little glitter pumpkins so I picked up 2 orange and 1 black. I love them but they do seem quite fragile, so I purposely bought them for photo props rather than anything else.

Onto the clothes from Amazon!

I absolutely loved this cute oversized pumpkin jumper. It's so soft and the perfect festive piece. It cost £14.50.
 Likewise, this black jumper was a gorgeous off the shoulder piece by the same company for just £14.50.
I really wanted a cute dress but I wasn't a fan of this one. It's super stretchy and comfy but it's a strange lycra material and not quite what I wanted. I loved the bat design of this for £15.99 but it's will be return unfortunately.
Finally, I bought the absolute cutest mini pumpkin earrings, from Katy Craig and I love them! You can find them here for £12.
I also bought a pumpkin from Asda because we were having a pumpkin carving session as a house. It was a lot of fun so stay tuned for a couple of week's to see how they turn out. 
Of course, to go with it, I needed a pumpkin carving kit, so I chose this one from Amazon! I actually thought it was massively over priced at £5.99 and wished I hadn't bought it because there was a set that was just as good, at ASDA for £1. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 


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