Moving to my New House and Archery Taster!

I included a little clip from my day back in Wakefield then moved back to Nottingham and enjoyed my pre-fresher's week! 

Click here to watch the vlog see below. 

It's so hard to find the time to spend with friends and family nowadays. I feel like my life is constantly on the go and I'm so glad I managed to squeeze a brunch date in with my best childhood friend at last. It was the busiest summer and I loved it but I love being at home too. 
Anyway, I met up with Hannah and we went to a new muffin shop. Honestly, the muffins weren't that great but it was nice to catch up before she had to leave. I then went shopping for a little while before my other friend, Nicola, came and we went to Pizza Express for a yummy meal and another long overdue catch up. Unfortunately, Hannah was heading back to Liverpool so couldn't stay for long. 
These are literally the worst quality and ugliest photographs but I love my grandma and mum so I had to take a picture with them before I left. We packed the car up and mum and I drove to Nottingham and moved into the new house. The car wasn't as jam packed as I originally thought it would be to be honest and crazily, I still had space!
The house tour is going live on Friday but it's lovely. It's already so homely and I love having the extra space with the lounge and kitchen. The rooms are quite a lot smaller than I expected, but my room is perfect. They are all slightly different sizes and the smaller room would have been far to small for me to survive.

Once I'd moved everything in and organised my bedroom, kitchen and the lounge the way I'd liked, I thought it was about time I changed my phone case and screen protector. I knew it was bad but I didn't realise it was this bad! These started out as the same case which is absolutely crazy to me because it's gone so dirty yellow. How it happened, I do not know but I'm glad I can now see my rose gold phone again. It looks so pretty, basically like new.
I was also pleasantly surprised to have a DigIn box waiting for me. We all did. Never in my 4 years of uni have I got one but apparently they are partnered with a lot of universities and provide lots of samples and vouchers for freshers. I did a full unboxing on the vlog if you want to see what was in it exactly. We also ended up receiving another box which had tonnes of full size products so that was amazing too. I love that they included water and a cup because that really is what you need when you're moving in.
It was a busy first week in the house. With 3 full 12.5 hour night shifts, training for committee, a committee meeting and appointments, I felt exhausted and already ready for another holiday. It was so strange walking through university campus with no one around. I've never seen the water feature stairs empty. It's a shame it wasn't a glorious day because I would have taken some pictures but instead I just quickly snapped this one as a last minute thought.
By the time the weekend came round, they'd erected 3 big marque tents outside our house ready for new arrivals. We moved in a week before everyone else because term hadn't officially started but of course, we had already started placement. It actually would have been so much harder to move in with everyone else because it was packed, the queues were huge and you wouldn't even park near our house so we would have had to carry everything so much further. It would have been a nightmare. Small mercies I guess...