Revision Week and my First Eyebrow Tweezing Experience!

With the year one exam, right around the corner, I have my last week of labour suite placement, win a competition, go to a couple of archery socials and win a competition. Oh and of course, revise!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I ended up winning a competition with university for fresher's week. You had to post a picture showing what you did the first night you moved in and as far as I could tell, no one had entered it yet so I thought why not. Anyway, I ended up winning and loved the much chocolate! It took quite a while to arrive but it was hand delivered by a very attractive man so I was more than happy. 
It was the final week of labour suite and I really was so sad to leave. I have completely loved my labour suite placement and loved my mentors. I ended up getting them a card and some chocolates each just to say thank you for supporting me and being so encouraging and welcoming. I can't wait to go back. I still have one of my caseholding ladies to deliver so I will be back (hopefully) but not properly. It's so sad!
To celebrate the end of placement, we ended up having a couple of friends over and playing some games. I love rummikub since the girls taught me it back at the flat but we also played poker and a few other card games. Some of the others were drinking, so it was a little tedious but still enjoyable.
 After 3 long 3 hour sessions of Archery, I finally finished the beginners course and joined the society as an official member. I am seriously loving every moment of it. I'm no where near as good as I was in Bulgaria but I'm still loving it just as much.
I've bought and got all my equipment so it feels real now. My quiver is perfect. Then I have my arm guard, tab and arrow puller flex. Honestly, I'm ridiculously surprised that I'm doing it. It feels so strange to say but so right at the same time. I love that I'm in Nottingham and doing archery...hellow Robin Hood!
 After a long couple of week's of revision, we had to break the time up somehow. Vicki went away to London to visit her friends there so when she came back, she was feeling a little down, especially as Sam had gone to Iceland. I felt bad so I was trying to cheer her up and offered to let her tweeze my eyebrows. She's been begging me for months so she was ecstatic. As you can see from the video, I was a complete wuss and complained the entire time. She did make it up to me though by playing with my hair and of course, she was very happy and entertained by my performance!
 She did her go-to hairstyle on me and I was impressed by how nice it looked to be honest. I even got her to redo for my Halloween fashion clothing haul. It was a bit of a disaster with the wrong lip colour but I finally got everything I needed finished and up in time...just!
On Wednesday, Archery practice was cancelled and instead we went to MOD Pizza and Weatherspoon's. Honestly, it's so unlike me to go out before a big exam but I really wanted to go and in all honesty, I wasn't too stressed about the exam. I loved the meal and had so much fun talking to new friends and meeting people. We didn't stay at Weatherspoon's for very long because the guy I went with didn't feel very well but hey ho.
Thursday was last minute revision and essay writing, before all the prep had been done and it was ready to sleep ready for the exam. I went to bed super early but didn't have the best night's sleep unfortunately. The girls kept me awake for a few hours and then I was just restless so woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep until half 5, only to be woken again at 6.45am. Nightmare.