My First House Tour - Student Living!

I'm finally getting around to sharing my first ever house tour! 

Click here to watch the house tour or see below. I've only really taken pictures of my room but be sure to watch the video to see the rest of the house in a little more detail. 
I haven't bought anything new for my room as I lived in a London with a double bed for 2 years so I didn't really need anything, hence I just reused all my old things. My bed has my gorgeous ASDA sheets on, with my decorative pillows and a blanket.
I love pictures so I have a wall of polaroids, my two picture frames and then on my notice board I have my new photos from the past 12 months.
I have a hook on the back of my door for my dressing gown and then on the wall the door opens out onto, is my whiteboard. It's such a perfect little nook for it!
The wicker baskets were one of my best investments and they're the perfect size for at the top of my shelves. I then have my university things, my pencil pot and a decoration that I got for my 22nd birthday, with a plant pot attached. I now have a cute little succulent in it! Of course, my desk has the usual things, with my printer and desk cady, plus room to work.
I love it!

Want to see some other university student accommodation inspiration? I have 3 more tours just like this. Second year, third year and last year. Which room is your favourite?