How Many Fresher's Fayres?!

With placement, meetings and fresher's fayres, it's been a busy first couple of weeks back at university. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
I feel like university is flying by at the moment. It has been so busy, it's actually kind of crazy. I do however love the fact that we have a lounge this year. I've never really had a proper one before. Of course, we had sofa's last year but it was a small space within the kitchen so I love the layout this year. Click here for the house tour to see it all in a little more detail. 
We are really trying to make the most of this year's fresher events. Of course, I've done fresher's before but no one else has so I feel like it's new for us all, as I;m feeding off their energy. The fresher's fayre layout is so different from UCL and I'm not sure which I prefer because it was so busy and packed and crowded. I felt rushed but then they had all the little extra components. Like free dominoes and teepee tents so...?

Of course, in the mists of all that I have committee meetings, peer mentor training and placement as well. I feel like I don't really have time for anything else but I'm trying to do archery and the gym too so it's been busy.

I'm not a massive fan of day shifts, as I've gotten used to night shifts but I did love walking home to this gorgeous sunset on one of the few day shifts I've done. Sunsets and sunrises will always be one of my favourite things to watch.
Bea and I had a meeting for peer mentoring, straight after both of us had finished a night shift. Honestly, it was horrible. I managed to get about 3 hours sleep and poor Bea had even less but it worked out well because there was another fresher's fayre happening over the bridge. There was so many freebies including more dominoes and even McFlurry's. Super yummy and it was lovely to just sit on the grass, in the sun, and enjoy the calm.
One of the most frustrating things is despite working the equivalent of a full time job with 3 12 hour shifts a week, we still have to go to a lecture that taught us absolutely nothing. It was actually quite patronising. It was for all the September starters and I could see how it was relevant for them but for us, it was really irrelevant to be quite honest. 
To finish the week, we hosted our first house party. It was actually a lot of fun and while Bea's birthday was a long time prior, it was to celebrate her. I love that we get on so well with our neighbours and we had a ridiculous amount of people show up. I legit think it was over a hundred people at different times, throughout the night!