Bulgaria 2018: Lip of the Night #LOTN

It's not often that I share what I wear on my lips over here so I thought I might make a change. For those that don't know, I have my own business "Hannah's Lips UK" and love every second of it. In all these pictures I wore a full face of Senengence makeup, including our premier product, LipSense. 

I got dressed too late the first two days so it was already far too dark to take a picture of my lip colour. The lighting in my room wasn't great so I could only do it on my balcony. Either way, I wore Plumeria LipSense and Bombshell LipSense. 

The third night I wore Aussie Rose. The colour matched the belt detail on my dress perfectly. 
 Violette goes with my maxi dress and the tones in the dress compliment it great.
 Bombshell is always my go to evening colour because it's subtle and goes with everything!
Pink Champagne similarly is often a colour I pick for a day look but I fancied mixing things up a little so paired it with my favourite blue dress.
This bright spotty dress calls for a bright lip and the onyl one I had on hand was Plumeria. Yes please!
 Again, Kiss Me Katie is quite a nude lip colour so is the perfect match for my Lipsy dress.
Once again, Aussie Rose with this dress. I just can't bare the thought of wearing any other colour with the dress!
 My final night on holiday was once again Violette with my maxi dress to celebrate.
 Glossy Gloss is the simplest lip look and the best choice for a long travel day.