Moving into my New House!

After a total of 3 days at home this summer break, I just about made time to see a couple of friends from home before moving back to Nottingham and into my new house! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I literally have been so busy this summer so when I finally got home and had a day off, I felt like I had to make somewhat of an effort to get out of the house and go and see a few friends. 
I met Hannah for breakfast and we went to a new little cafe in the newly renovated area of town. I went for an Oasis and a simple chocolate chip muffin. In all honesty, considering they are a muffin shop, it wasn't great. It was super dry and tasteless so I think I'll probably go for either something with a topping or a brownie next time.
I really wanted to mark the occasion but honestly, I think this is one of the worst pictures we've ever taken together but I still kind of love it. Here's to another 18 years of friendship with my name twin!
Afterwards, I went shopping for a little bit and then met up with Nicola. I feel like I haven't seen her in so long so I need to do an explanation! We went to high school together but because we were in different bands (S and K), never really met until the first day of Greenhead College when I spoke to her at the train station platform. Then we travelled together every day for 2 years and it's kind of stuck.

Of course, I then went on holiday but because all the other clips from the summer had kind of fitted in with wedding, Wales and Bulgaria, I'd had the clips saved so they're joining with the move to Nottingham.

I literally got back from Bulgaria the early hours of Friday and then headed home. I decided to sleep and have a lie in, spend the day catching up on TV and waited until the evening to pack. That left a lot to do in the morning so it was all go go go. I did manage to say goodbye to grandma before I left which was nice and she's always so funny when it comes to photograph selfies.
It ended up just being my mum and I moving into the house. When we arrived Bea and Vicki had already moved in so we quickly unloaded the car and made a start on the bedroom, but I just wanted to get the kitchen stuff put away so it was out of everyone else's way. We didn't wait too long before heading to ASDA to do a big grocery shop so I now have enough food in for pretty much the rest of this placement block...I hope!

We still called at Greggs on the way home and each got some tea because neither of us had really eaten all day. Then mum set off and I unpacked for the rest of the night with Vicki watching, while sat on her bean bag from the corridor. The other's weren't moving in yet and Bea ende dup heading back home for a concert.
 The next day, I finished putting everything away into it's new home but I also changed my phone case, Pop Socket and screen protector. The screen was looking a little worse for wear so I thought I'd just change everything at the same time. I honestly didn't realise how horrible the case was looking. These are literally the same case!
 Another nice surprise when we moved in was the DigIn box. I've never heard of it before but apparently it's a country wide Student Hall programme full of different freebies with different company sponsorship.
You also have the chance to win prizes but unfortunately, the draw isn't until November! I got a Pot Macaroni Cheese, Kenco Coffee, Peri Peri Mayonaise, some washing up capsules, an energy drink and more! I was actually really impressed.
I then had two night shifts and after just 3 hours of sleep, I headed to a training on campus (ages away!). It was so windy and rainy thanks to the aftermath of the hurricane over in America.
Of course, there's so much building work going on and they decided on my day off, when I had a headache, to put up 3 marquees right in front of our house and my bedroom window! I love having fresh air in so I usually leave my window open but it's kind of hard when there's so many people about all day.