My Student London Flat Tour! 🏠

Just last week I moved into my new flat in London, near Camden. I am so excited and so happy with it! I'm living with some friends who were in the same halls as me last year and I can't wait to spend time with people I not only like, but trust as well. After last year's disaster, hopefully no one will steal my food! 

My mum came over for the first few days and cleaned the entire flat and then I organised everything and decorated my bedroom. So here it is!

I have filmed a room tour on my YouTube channel here so go watch that first!

My room is very simple but I've added a few personal touches. I've stuck with the blue colour scheme so a lot of the items are the same as last year. With the bedding from my recent haul post and cushions and towels from 2 years ago, almost everything else is white. I love these two picture frames that I got from my 18th birthday; they have pictures from 2014 in. The second photo collage is from snaps from 2015 and then above the desk I'm going to have pictures from 2016 (ordered but yet to come in!) which will hang on clothespin banners, like the one at home which I love! 

I love Command hanging strips because they're super easy to use and are safe. I have a couple hooks for keys and towels on the side of my wardrobe. Then my printer cable and jewellery. I think they just keep everything neat, tidy and safe. Everything hanging around the room is also held up by the strips. 

I'm not sure how long the kitchen will last but I cleaned the cupboards and organised them. On the counter, a party station and tea/coffee; by the sink, simply washing up stuff. 
I still live with 3 other people so I'm sure they'll rearrange it all when they come but currently, the bottom double cupboard has a shelf for pans ect and then the bottom for food, while the one under the sink is full of all the cleaning supplies. The top cupboard now has all the dishes and a selection of glasses.

I love that even though it's a small London flat, we still have a little seating area in the hallways which comfortably fits an expandable table and 6 chairs. Plus the hooks are incredibly useful!
The bathroom is so useful with a separate roomy toilet and then a main bathroom with a bath and power shower. There's also 2 shelves for all our toiletries.

Finally, we have a really nice balcony out at the front of the flat and because we're the last flat, it's the most spacious. My mum brushed it down and then cleaned the windows so it makes a really nice little seating area where we have an outdoor table and chairs.

It's small but comfortable and makes me more excited than ever for university to start up again! :)