"Heroes" September Birchbox: Unboxing and Review 📦

This month's Birchbox box is again a drawer box. I personally don't like them but I think they are now leaning more towards them. I have thought I could stack them and stick them together to turn them into a stationary desk drawer though which could look pretty; my other boxes are being used as yearly memory boxes which I love!
This months had a range of products which I was super excited to use!
Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray - £4.29
My hair doesn't really get greasy so I've only used dry shampoo a handful of times, usually Batisse brand. I love the scent of this one and it does do them job. It's also super easy to use and works to add extra volume to my hair too.
ModelCo® Highlighting Trio - £17
I personally picked this highlighting set because I've been wanting a highlighter for months. I was waiting for a powder and this is very much creamy but it's still pretty. It's not as shimmery as I would like and it's a little sticky at first but it does make my cheekbones look just that little bit better! The other two colours for blush and bronzer while a nice idea do not work for me at all and I would much prefer them not be there.
NUXE Prodigieux® Shower Oil - £10
This is perfect for this time of the year. The summer is coming to an end and with it, that slight English sun tan is fading. This is the perfect product to highlight the lasting remains of that brown tinge and I love how it also moisturisers my skin. Even better is that you can use it in the shower, saving time. I loved using it just after shaving so I didn't need to moisturise once out and dry.
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Blemish-Less - £29
The Laura Mercier primer is gorgeous. It's not at all sticky and makes my face feel silky soft, making it the perfect base for my foundation to glide on. I did find myself feeling a little more layered than usual so that is a downside but I think that's just personal as it wasn't noticeable. I also like that it's specifically for blemished skin so it appears Birchbox is finally listening to our customer feedback and questionnaire!
Polaar The Genuine Lapland Cream (50ml) - £15
The final product is yet another totally different product. I've never heard of the brand but apparently it's a highly sought after product and it doesn't disappoint. It smells divine and you get a decent sample size. I love that it is cold when going on, giving a cooling effect, and it's not greasy. It quickly dries, leaving no residue and I honestly love the smell! It's fresh and fruity!
Overall, I love the range of products in this box and how some of them I haven't heard of before. It seemed to have a nice range of high quality and priced products to cheap products which I liked and this box was well worth the money. My main issue is that the products didn't come in a bag inside the box as usual. The box itself has a simple and pretty design but most importantly is the theme for this month's box: Heroes.

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