August Favourites! Olympics and Bed Bound Activities 🏅

This month has been totally crazy and full of ups and downs. Since last month's favourites, I went on holiday to Morocco which was amazing but I did fall off the plane and so that did affect it just a little. I wrote a quick storytime blog post up about it and then also put up my vlog so be sure to check them out if you are interested. Hence, I've been stuck in bed a lot of the time with limited mobility but slowly and surely I am getting back to normal.

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Containment. The first TV show that I've binge watched is all the episodes of Containment. I literally watched them all, granted there are only 10 episodes, in 3 days. I loved it and it was such a clever and creative storyline. I think the things that can be realistic are the things that often draw me in more. When I finished watching it, I looked up when the next series was on and it's been cancelled! Trust me when I say I am utterly devastated.

The second TV show that I've loved is The Flash. Ellie and Jared from YouTube kept mentioning and mentioning and then I just gave in. I figured if the sign was there repeatedly, it meant something. I watched the first series in less than 5 days and since then I've tried to slow myself down. I don't want to rush them and not appreciate it after all!

Books have always been a passion of mine and recently I've been reviewing a lot of books as an Advanced Reader for a number of authors. The past few weeks I've been reading a lot of books from the more erotic side of romance genre and while I've never read them before, I've found myself loving them. My favourites would include Chance Carter, Kim Linwood and Joanna Blake. I review them all on Amazon as well and then the odd book on this blog. I have some posts coming out soon so be sure to follow the blog so you get notified.

So much good music have come out recently and I've been obsessed with just a few: Hobbie Stuart came out with his first album and I love the song Someone to Love You; DNCE's Toothbrush is my absolute favourite (just ask my dad's girlfriend!); Back to You by Mollie King is her first solo song; The Tide finally released Click My Fingers. So yes, I've been playing those on repeat for a while...

Of course, who can forget the Olympics! If you follow me on Twitter (I apologise!) I'm sure you've noticed how passionate I get and I have been fully immersed in the whole Rio 2016 world! I just have to congratulate all the incredible sportsmen and women who have taken part. Even getting to the Olympics is beyond anything I could possibly imagine so they should really be so proud of themselves. Of course there are a few stand out moments for me in the GBR athletes. Jessica Ennis did us all proud and got herself a silver while Max Whitlock blew my mind with 3 medals making it an incredible Olympics for him! Plus Andy Murray defended his title and yet again took the gold! I did write a Thursday's Thoughts post about it in more detail.

Finally, while being - almost - bed bound, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting a lot of effort into my YouTube channel. Before this summer, I've never really put much thought into promoting or how it looks to people. The videos I make are for the pure purpose of remembering my life and especially capturing the little moments, specifically with my gorgeous niece Bop. Having said that, I recently updated all my YouTube thumbnails. I have a post all about the process but I love them! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!


A little bit different from the usual monthly favourite post this time. There's no beauty and fashion products but this is what I've been doing most of the time so honestly I'm okay with that. What is in your monthly favourites?