SO. LONG. by Kelley Harvey (Review) 📚

When I heard the plot of this book I was really excited but as I've been reading similar books this summer, I'd hoped for something a little different and I wasn't disappointed! I loved this book!

She's an author and he's a veteran who building up his career. She's divorced and he has a problem of his own. Fate brings them together but challenges keep them apart.

The characters seem like real people with real feelings. I loved how their relationship began as bickering neighbours but blossomed at the end. I think the important relationship with all the children in the story really bring everyone together.

I loved the little additions. As an author, we get to read a few little excerpts from her books and writings which I loved and then on his part, we got a little bonus with past scenes from his time in the army. It would have been nice to have a few more.

I wish the story was a little more developed. I would have loved to hear about the recovery time and his time in the army. I think that it could have really made this a stand out book and developed something magical. Also, just touching on a major and serious issue felt like an injustice to be. I really felt let down by it.

I loved the writing style of this author in this book. It seems very honest and I love how it explores different sides to the characters. From harsh tones to romantic words that are so sweet and the open and vulnerable side. Simply the change of words kept me on my toes. I really liked how reactions were raw and not downplayed. She really took the time to think about what they would feel and do in the different situations.

While it's not the most fast paced book, I did read the book in less than a day. I read for a few minutes in the morning and then I couldn't put it down in the evening!

If you like the sound of this book, go and check out Kelley Harvey and buy the book on Amazon now! :)