False Advertisement! (Louise LIVE Part 1) 💭

Last year, Louise Pentland, aka Sprinkle of Glitter on YouTube, did her first tour of LouiseLIVE. I didn't go but after hearing great reviews about it, when I heard she was doing another tour this year, I really wanted to get tickets to go, and so I did.

We were told at the start not to record any of show because the show I attended in London, would be recorded for the LouiseLIVE! DVD. Honestly I was a little upset because I was vlogging my day and I was hoping to get some great clips to add in. I still vlogged the day but obviously didn't record the show, except for a couple little clips. Click here to watch or down below.
I was super excited to go so when I woke up on Saturday 3rd September and arrived at the O2 Shepherd's Bush. I honestly wasn't very impressed with the seating arrangements because annoyingly, the rows weren't numbered or lettered at all so it was really hard to find my row. I asked two people and then counted back to mine but when I sat down, the girl next to me said that it wasn't the right row. When she told me which it was, I looked back to mine and it turned out someone was sat in my seat anyway so it appeared that other people had suffered the same problem. Even the people working didn't know!

It's crazy to me how much of live shows are edited and faked. With this being a recorded show, I feel like I got a total eye-opening into how the TV and filming industry work. I've never been to any show recordings before, and I'm sure that they all do similar things in terms of 'faking' things but to me it was totally new.

The running joke throughout was that Louise kept saying 'edit it out' for future reference. I'm sure - I hope - most the time she was joking because otherwise there is going to be very little actually on the DVD! To me, it felt like a major part of the show ran on the idea of it being filmed.

The weirdest part had to be when after the interval, the producer came out and asked us to redo the intro. Like right back at the beginning. He wanted to refilm the start because they had some technical difficulties; we literally had to act like we'd never seen her before. So she came out and we all acted and cheered again but it felt so odd and unnatural. Especially when she went on to do the whole welcome speech and told the exact same story about a girl and her mother she met in the Meet and Greet. I felt like I was the only one who didn't think it was normal or right. Was I?!

My favourite part was when the guests went on stage. I loved how they told their 'most embarrassing story'. The first was hilarious about Nando's while the last was...let's just say it never went anywhere. The Nando's story was so funny! Basically, she went to fill up her drinks and the nozzle fell off into one of them. She didn't know what to do so she walked back to the table with it in her drink and then all the staff started crowding around the machine wondering who stole it. Embarrassingly, she ended up going back up and someone pointed saying she had it! Before she could tell them she slipped and the drink went everywhere...aha! Poor girl. The worst thing was that it happened TODAY!

She told it way better than I did so be sure to buy the DVD which has it in! I think it was great that she was picked because otherwise the show would have been very tiresome; they had already pre-picked specific people before the show started so clearly they already knew what the segment was. I would defintely be interested in the hearing the process because I couldn't tell if Louise had no idea what they were going to say or if she'd already heard the gist because she was filling in bits and pieces and stretching the segment out.

The ending was so much fun with the glitter cannons! Even though I was expecting them, I wasn't ready. She said she had another little surprise so I thought it was something else! Yesterday, she kind of ruined the surprise when she said she'd nearly choked on a piece of confetti but it was still a little shocking.

After she left, I was waiting for her to come back and ask us to refilm! Luckily - and unluckily! - she never did.

Please note, this is not in anyway a complaint towards the BBC or Louise but it was just very eye-opening into how the TV world works. I loved the show and will definitely be trying to go again next year...hopefully! Make sure to come back for next Thursday's post :)