Cockpit by Joanna Blake (Review) Bonus: Plus Other Writings 📚


Like most girls, I think the fantasy of an army man whisking you off your feet is dreamy; true love at first site is another bucket list wish. Adding them together in this pun-intended titled novel, makes this one of my favourite stand alone books ever.

Unlike a lot of dirty romance scenes the ones placed in this book were hot but not totally unrealistically kinky and messy. I really liked that because it made it 10x more enjoyable and made the fantasy all the more real.

The characters have a hot and turmoiled relationship but when they find themselves torn apart, neither stops remembering the other. I love how it shows a real relationship where misunderstandings are frequent. This isn't a book that makes you believe in the perfect relationship but it is one that gives you faith. It gives you faith that for everything awful that happens, good will prevail.

Honestly, who couldn't fall for a man who fights for his girl, admits when he's wrong - even when he isn't in the wrong! - and has the dedication to be in the army...

I love this book, definitely worth the money. Not only do you get this story but there are two bonus stories too. I mean seriously, three steamy, romantic and well written books that are also just as passionate as Cockpit itself.

After reading this book, I became so addicted to her writing I went on to read lots of her other stories.

  • Cockpit (A Second Chance Romance): As above.
  • A Bad Boy For Summer: Relatable Frannie is set in her ways until HE comes a long and changes everything.
  • Push: A really interesting storyline where an escort is paid big money to seduce a wealthy young lady by her cousin. But will he go through or fall in love?

  • Go Big (A Secret Baby Romance): Cami is the sweet and smart daughter of the owner of the club and Cade has just been picked to play. He's the best batter but he's set his eyes on another prize. A beauty who wants nothing to with him but the job. 
  • Grind (Man Candy Trilogy 1): Chan is a male dancer and Caro is about to get married but when the childhood friends reunite at her bachelorette party, sparks fly and he will do anything to save her. 
  • Heat (Man Candy Trilogy 2): When porn star Trent ends up in hospital, his 'angel nurse' Lexi, saves his favourite jacket. Sponge baths lead to more and more and more in this hot and steamy book!
  • Deep (Man Candy Trilogy 3): Joss, appeared as a close friend in the previous two books, is calm and cold as ice when on duty, until his latest client rocks his world. he can't stop thinking about her but his words break her heart and his job is put on the line. 
I just love this new-to-me authors work and I can't wait to read more of her work in the future.Be sure to check her out here or on Amazon here and buy the book! Please note I have fully reviewed all the books on Amazon :)