Uni Room Tour + Decorations

On Saturday I moved into my university accommodation for my second year at university.

The room itself is dark beige and white and with my blue accents; the bathroom en-suite is yellow and white with a little pink and blue with my extras.

Starting with the bedroom:
Shoe rack and little set of drawers. In the drawers I have make-up, hair stuff, nail stuff and then medications. 

My double bed with a white fleece blanket and 2 decorative cushions.

Bean bag with clothes on (oops!), laptop bag and laundry bag.

A little desk drawer set. The top has work stuff and the bottom pants/bras/socks/tights. On top is a box of kitchen stuff and then my plates, cups, lunch boxes and NutriBullet.

Shelf space for work, iPod speakers and pictures. On the desk my laptop and printer.

Relatively large wardrobe. Inside one side is shelving and one is hanging space.

My favourite picture frames!

A little picture collage stuck on with BluTac

Close up.

White board and entrance to the room.

Pin board included in the room.

And finally the bathroom:


Yellow splash board and yellow glass of the shower.
Love all the storage space and the pink and blue items on display.


Mirrored cabinet.

Toilet and bin ect.

So that's it for my room. I'm hoping to cover the walls a little more but I quite like it. It's homey and I love how it's not all just white. There is little bursts of colour throughout.