How To: Natural Looking Make-Up

I've wanted to write down my make-up routine for a while now so here it finally is! Maybe one day I will find the skill and film it to put it on YouTube :')

To get the following look, follow the steps below!

Start with a good base and use a moisturiser. I use 'Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream' and put it all over my face and any excess on my neck.

Then I apply my foundation. I use 'BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light'. First I start with the concealer to apply on any acne that I have. I don't usually have any red areas but on holiday, my nose got a little burnt so I applied a little extra on my nose. This just means that the make-up is more condensed and thicker to cover up the areas more in need. Then I apply the foundation everywhere using a big, fluffy brush in circular motions to blend. Now, no one wants to look orange or have slag lines so make sure to cover the ears and neck as well!

Finally, add the blusher while smiling to get the perfect position :) I'm currently using 'No7 Powder Blusher in Rose Blossom' but I have used 'Rimmel LONDON Lasting Finish Mono Blush' in O3O Pink Rose' in the past.

I do only use the BareMineral line for my foundation (and therefore concealer) but I also use all their brushes as well. Below see which brushes I use and for what purpose:

  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush - Concealer brush
  • Full Flawless Application Face Brush - Foundation brush
  • Flawless Application Face Brush - Blusher brush

  • And that's it. I'm a simple girl, with no talent and like a quick process it is! Hope someone found that helpful.