Trainwreck (Review)

It begins showing the scene that made the trailer. A dad talks to his two young daughters about divorcing their mother. He explains by reasoning that his affair was due to mankind is not meant to be monogamous. Yeah, 2 little girls and their first lesson of love. 23 years later and Amy sticks to his rule by completing one night stand after one night stand while her younger sister is married with a child. She is a writer for a man's magazine and the plot leads her to interview a sports doctor, Aaron. 

It's hilarious! One man, she tries to get him to talk dirty to and then suddenly he starts talking about health kick stuff like green juice and protein powder. When she tells him to stop he begins with NIKE slogan and then she changes tactics to romantic. He begins telling her the first time he saw her and it seems to be going well! Until...he says she looked like a man from behind and then he comes in an intensive orgasm. The first sign he's gay! 

Clearly the movie involves a lot of sex which is the main reason behind the movie. 

Daniel Radcliffe makes a cameo in the movie when one date leads to a movie theatre. Honestly, it's clearly a stupid in-movie movie where Daniel falls for his female co-star who has millions of cats. And of course, it leads to more gay signs...uh oh. 

The romance seen in the trailer appears to be delusional and non-existent. There is no chemistry at all but then Amy hyperventilates... All the awkwardness intensifies and suddenly the interviewee is on a date.

Amy takes control and gets exactly what she wants while Aaron is left searching not for answers. I thought the whole scene was full of uncomfortable energy. Her pickiness clearly frustrates him but he says nothing. 

As the film nears the end, the doctor supports her through emotional life events and you begin to see how they could work as a couple. He clearly loves her and her inability to commit to a relationship ultimately ends up ruining it for her.

How could a comedy not include a dramatic dance routine? I hear you ask and you won't be disappointed. To show her love to him, Amy decides to learn a routine which she thinks Aaron will like. Of course, he does. She does the cheerleader routine but a simpler version. She's purposely falls behind but I actually think it was really good!

All in all, an enjoyable light-hearted movie. Nice to watch lying in bed relaxing but probably won't be desperate to watch again any time soon.