The Maze Runner (Review)

I know it's extremely late but I thought to celebrate The Scorch Trials coming out today I would finally write this well overdue review of one of my favourite movies. I have now watched this movie...8 times? Clearly this isn't a first impressions as most of my reviews are but an eight impression but let's just think of it the same way ;)

I love this movie and I can't quite believe that it hasn't been recognised more. The movie begins straight off the bat with action immediately. It sets the fast pace for the rest of the movie and there really is not a slow moment. 

From Thomas entering the maze, he immediately makes enemies and then his curiosity gets the better of him, leading to him breaking the rules. This only leads to more hatred even though he saves lives. The twist comes when the all-boy village is ambushed by a girl, Teresa, who seemingly remembers Thomas. From there, everything the boys knew about the world they live in changes. It's a desperate struggle of power to gain control and save the family that they've come to know and love.

Who will end up on top and which plan will they go for? 

After the Grievers, the attacking monsters, are discovered to be from the same company as the supplies they receive, a controversial plan of action is set up. 

Ambushes and behind-the-back planning  are required for success but how many others can they convince to join. The only  way to escape is through more Grievers so it's all or nothing and the epic battle scene begins. 

The cliffhanger at the end drive me crazy and just left me wanting more! How did he get there? Why isn't he dead? She committed suicide! They're the bad guys?! What's the next stage?

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go watch it now! And then after go to the cinema and see The Scorch Trials which came out today!