Who Knows Me Best - Flatmate Edition!

Have you met my flatmates? Vicki and Sam are two of the girls I live with in Nottingham and we filmed a Who Knows Me Best Q+A. Who do you think won? 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below, and find out!

I first met the pair of them in January 2019 when Sam's dad introduced himself to me on moving in day. Sam and I started talking later on that evening and instantly clicked. Vicki lived upstairs but as she knew one of our other flatmates, she came down every single day and practically lived with us as a 6th housemate as well. 
Our first roadtrip together was to see Ed Sheeran in Manchester. It was a great but cold night and we had so much fun. I ended up bringing them back to my house, on the farm, before they all left in their separate ways the following morning.
Summer Ball was one of out favourite events. The accommodation that we lived at was absolutely amazing at organising events. It was so cheap and we got so much for the price we paid. Vicki never stops raving about it.
Of course, the girls had to get me something special for my birthday and they bought us all tickets to Dreamboys. If you've read my review, you'd know that I was very disappointed but Vicki was furious!
So we're back in a new house and living together for another year. Let's see what this year brings us!
Vicki is opinionated and loud. Sam is soft yet weird. But we work and it's such a laugh spending time with them.