Dreamboys at Pryzm, Nottingham (Review)

Where to start. What was meant to be the most perfect, fun and exhilarating experience for my 22nd birthday present ended up being anything but.

On entry to Pryzm, the location for the night, we were greeted warmly by staff and by one of the Dreamboys themselves waiting in the entrance. As we were escorted down to the seating area, we were each given a small cocktail. And when I say small, I mean a few sips worth.
The seating was interesting. The front rows were in a U shape around the slightly raised stage and then the back rows were in two columns with an aisle. It seemed like it was going to be good but unfortunately the back rows weren’t raised and the stage was very low so throughout the show, it was very difficult to see. This was made even worse by the fact that for the majority of the dance, the audience was forced to stand the entire time. Now perhaps if you were tall, it wouldn’t be such a big issue. But for those of you like me, you’ll appreciate but how annoying it can be to pay good money and be left virtually blinded by towering giraffes. The funny thing is, I even had my big heels on!

The introduction to the show began with a drag queen. Not such a big deal but not typically my sort of entertainment. She began by introducing herself (selling her shows and social media handles) and a lot of the audience responded warmly. Her introductions to the boys were short and sweet but it was everything in between. I was not expecting to listen to middle aged women singing karaoke to go knows what.

We were treated to just 3 dances. Three dances each lasting a couple of minutes, with just a single man on stage. No longer than ten minutes of what we actually paid for and it wasn’t the experience at all that was described.
There were multiple mistakes, painful to watch, and the boys were lacklustre. From mistimings, wrong songs and early climaxes, it was all a bit of a shambles.

If anything, the most entertaining part of the whole show was when an older lady from the audience had a bit of fun with the drag queen but even that carried on far too long and should have been cut off far more abruptly.

The picture opportunity didn’t even make things better. As the queue formed, the boys began by taking pictures individually for the first quarter and then they refused and only took one as a group instead. It was a shame because really there was no interaction, lasting maybe 15 seconds in total.
Overall, it was slow, anything but sexy and more of a drag queen show than Dreamboys. In one word: disappointing.