Pretty Little Liars: A History

If you follow me on Twitter at all, you will have noticed that in August last year, the majority of my free time was spent watching Pretty Little Liars. I waited and waited to watch the whole series after being enticed in after season 5. Instead of watching the seasons that had been released, I decided to wait until the show finished to start and oh. my. gosh. Yes! 

I absolutely loved it and while I never posted a review of the show as planned, I've had this post sitting in my drafts for almost a year so I thought it was about time I finished it and shared it. 

I loved the whole idea behind the show and while I do think it's very similar to Gossip Girl in a way, I love the changes throughout and how each season is completely different. 

One of the things I loved, and perhaps this was made more obvious because I watched the show in such a fast way, was that each of the characters showed such a gracious evolution and each of them became better people. Not only did they mature, but they also grew as friends and more powerfully, as women. 

The girls. 
Hanna: from the person who cared what other's thought far too much to the woman who took everything with a grain of salt. I loved Hannah and not only because we share a name but because she showed every girl, what she should think of others.
Aria: from passive to proactive, but a constant fashion icon. I loved Aria for her commitment and her relationship stance.
"Ali" Alison: from a dead b*tch to a sweet friend. Ali is clearly the character who goes through the most changes and it's very clear it's for the better.
Emily: from the sportiest to the bravest. I love Emily for her strength in the whole coming out as a lesbian and for her changing direction.
Spencer: from the overachiever to the bad-ass. Spencer is the character I personally never liked and maybe in a way, it's because I connected her to myself the most. I do love that by the end of the show, she no longer cares what others think of her and instead of constantly comparing herself to her sister, she's happy with where she is and who she is.

The guys.
Most importantly, they all stuck together throughout all the events of all the seasons and it all turned out for the better.

My favourite season was all about the dollhouse. I thought it was such a crazy creative sequence of events and I was left obsessing over what was going to happen. But I can't help but love the series finale. I defintely didn't see the ending coming and I was amazed at the whole thing. It was perfect and strange and oddly conclusive.
The final scenes were perfect. The friendships in Pretty Little Liars are ones that I will remember forever.