The 100 - Season 5 (Review)

With an incredible fourth season and a jaw-dropping season finale, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was for this season.

This season was one of the most interesting for me. It was a difficult one for many of the cast members but still one of great potential and growth.
While Octavia showed strength and courage, Dr Abby Griffin showed weakness and a disappointing lack of stamina. I love that Octavia took all the decisions she made on her own head, while Abby just stood by and watch everyone else take the blame for her mistakes. This change in demeanour is refreshing but I was definitely disappointed in Abby. Of course having said that, it did open up the way for The 100 to explore a sensitive topic and they did so beautiful.
With the arrival of a brand new group, there was sure to be major drama when the groups united and like in The 100 style, the leader of the group was once again female. I think the show has always been at the forefront of change and I love and adore everything they stand for.
Clarke also showed a change. It's amazing to see how they've pushed the characters into situations to force them to grow up and Clarke has had more than her fair share of difficulties. This season explored her in a mothering role and I was pleased at how real the mother-daughter relationship was shown to be: protective and wise, yet disobedience and apologetic.
The season finishes similarly to the last season, with a massive time jump but this time over 100 years. It also has a sense of symmetry with the start of the season. The season opens with cryosleep and closes with cryosleep.
Of course though, if you've watched the season finale, you'll have seen the dramatic, heartbreaking and shocking end. I seriously cannot wait for the next season and all it's going to through at not only The 100, but the rest of the mismatch of populations now on board.