Gym Week, Grandma's Hilarious Stories and a BBQ!

After being so terrible at going to the gym while working night shifts on my labour suite placement, I decided to push myself to go 3 times a week for the next 6 weeks and so far so good! This week, I had to go 3 days in a row as I headed home for a long weekend. My grandma is the funniest and we had a lovely BBQ in the gorgeous weather. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
As I mentioned last week, I'm really trying to get to the gym three times a week and I've actually found not only another class that I really love but also Zumba has been added to the Thursday schedule as well. It makes me so much more motivated to go to the gym when I know people are going to be around me and I'm not going to be all alone working out.

The heatwave is still going strong so I'm loving wearing bright lip colours. I think it's so much nicer when it's sunny but it's defintely difficult to do anything because it's so HOT!
We had a long weekend off from university which was so perfect and it worked out so well because it was my mum's hen party weekend as well. I finally had time to shave my legs in the morning so I wore my favourite dress to uni before racing home and jumping on the train.
When I got home, my first stop was to go and say hi to my grandma. She is seriously the funniest person ever and I love her. The last time I was up for the Great Yorkshire Show, the days were so packed so despite her living next door, I didn't once speak to her. 

On Saturday we went bridesmaid dress fitting and had a fun hen party at the casino but I'm sharing that next week in a separate vlog!

To finish the weekend, we had the loveliest mini barbecue. Leftover curls is my favourite hairstyle so it was nice to have a relaxing day with family and catching up on TV before getting the train back to university.