Dreamboys, Birthdays and Group Work Drama!

One of my birthday presents was a ticket to see the Dreamboys so we booked it and made it out! I also took the girls to the casino for their first AND second times, we celebrated a birthday and we went to the cinema.

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As I've already said, one of my 22nd birthday presents was a ticket to see the Dreamboys. I'd been going on about how excited I was for Magic Mike LIVE to finally be in the UK and they thought Dreamboys would be a little taste of the real deal to come. I'm going to share more about the experience on Friday but lets just say it wasn't the best experience.
Afterwards, we headed for some drinks at Turtle Bay and then I took the girls for their first casino experience. I came out doubling my winnings after just a short half an hour and I think they actually really enjoyed it, despite the disappointment from the night. 
I headed home a little early because I didn't want to go to the club afterwards, despite having free entry. But it wasn't long until the girls walked through the door. I was really enjoying some quiet time but apparently the club was even quieter!

It was a surprisingly busy week at university and I finally feel as though I'm learning about the science behind Midwifery which is of course my happy place.
We did however make time, and go out to celebrate another friend's birthday. We went back to Turtle Bay and had a Caribbean inspired meal. I wasn't too impressed and I do think it's really quite expensive for what it is.

Finally, we had a long weekend off uni so I headed home. It was such a lovely weekend so I managed to get some work done in the garden while sunbathing!