Read Between the Lines by Jenelle Evans

Since the launch of 16 and Pregnant, 10 years ago now, I've watched the whole franchise from all the Teen Mom series and the UK version. Back in 2015, I spent my Egypt holiday reading many of the Teen Mom books and I remember starting Jenelle's on the flight home but then I put it in a box and just haven't picked it up since. Well, 3 years later I finally finished the book so I thought I would share a quick review to finish off the series. 

So that simple fact might actually tell you something about the book in general. It's quite slow, a little boring and not a must-read by any sense of the phrase. 

Let's start with the positives. I really liked that the book has snippets of real life entries into Jenelle's secret diaries. I don't know how many have been missed out but it does seem as they are whole (with names removed) and I like that it's in handwriting. Despite the terrible spelling and grammar, it's interesting to see the progress in Jenelle as a person. 

I liked how the book started with her as a younger girl and ended with her as a mother of three. I think it's actually really nice to read younger Jenelle's entries and then see her reflect back on them in the present. I think it's safe to say that she realises she made a lot of mistakes and regrets some decisions but she's also a lot more serious about life than the show gave her credit for. 

Overall, as a book in it's whole format, it was quite long winded. It never really excited me as a reader and while it reflected a little, it never really went into depth on why the choices were made. It was also quite jumpy and despite the filling in of details, there were still a number of gaps.

I do think I've become less invested in the cast of the Teen Mom franchise over the years so I don't think I'll be rushing to buy any of their books in the future but if you want to hear a little more about the other books, be sure to check out my posts and let me know what you think.