Hen Party Weekend and Bridesmaid Dress Fitting!

Saturday was a fun filled wedding day. In the morning we went bridesmaid dress fitting, went to look at the wedding venue and finished with a lovely breakfast. My cousins and I went to decorate the casino ready for the hen party and then we got all glammed up for some betting! 

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Having selected the bridesmaid dresses a few months ago now, we each had them ordered in, in UK sizes. While they were supposed to be close, they weren't exact fits. I'm still annoyed that I didn't put my foot down at the time and say I wanted a 12 instead of a 14 because it was a perfect fit. Nevertheless, right now, I hate my dress.

The dress fitter will hopefully work some magic and be able to help make me feel more comfortable. I need to have it taken in massively and then the whole dress taken up because the neckline is so low right now, plus the length but we all do because we are so short! 

Afterwards, we went to the wedding venue. One of my cousins had yet to visit so we had a quick walk around. It's still not my ideal location but nevertheless, mum seems happy. After a quick walk around the grounds we started to drive home, calling at the local Farm Cafe for breakfast. 
As soon as we got back, we left again. My cousins and I headed to the hen party location to decorate. Emma had bought a lot of the decorations and with my design expertise I helped to design the room.
Then it was back home to relax and get ready for the night. I curled my hair and reapplied some makeup. Emma treated us to some "Team Bride" tattoos and I think everyone loved them.
For once, Jessica actually wanted to take a photo with me so I took fool advantage of their photo shoot readiness.

The hen party was so fun. We had yummy food, took lots of pictures and enjoyed lots of betting. In the end, by the time it was time to go to Leeds - we'd booked a tabled at one of the bars - we'd only been playing about half an hour and I was winning! I ended up staying alone as everyone left but I won so it was all good. I was planning on getting an Uber to town to meet up but I couldn't get in touch with any of them so ended up heading back home alone.
The casino has some of the yummiest food and it really is quite amazing. For such a good price you get a three-course meal, a free drinks voucher, £10 to play and tea/coffee/chocolates. I go for very plain food but it does get a little more adventurous, I just remove all the fancy stuff.
Emma actually bought a polaroid camera and a scrapbook to take photos there. We then stuck them into the book and got the guests to write in them. Unfortunately, it did mean that I didn't really get around to taking any good quality pictures which was a shame but you live and learn.
First hen party = success!