Ant-Man and the Wasp (Review)

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the highly anticipated sequel to Ant-Man. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 
With the UK release date almost a month after the US release date, it's been a bit of a shame for us Brits but the film officially released yesterday (at the time of writing). This is literally the fastest I have ever written a film review as I've literally just got back from the cinema so apologies if the post is a few minutes late. 

I love that the film starts straight away with one of the cutest sequences of events. The father-daughter bond with Scott and Cassie is just so cute to watch. It really is remarkable how resilient children are and the transition from the first to the second film is interesting to watch. I personally love that Cassie constantly supports her father and while he always has her best interests at heart, he knows he isn't always doing the right r

Since we left the last film, Hope and Scott are no longer pursuing their romantic relationship so it's an interesting scenario. With almost 2 years of no contact, they're thrown back together with another daunting scenario.  
The concept of the film follows the final scene post-credits of the first film. If you aren't a fan of the Marvel films, you may not know that they always include a spoiler scene and Ant-Man is no difference. The first film showing Hank trying to work out how he can rescue his wife who vanished 30 years prior, using the knowledge that Scott himself had escaped. The films focus' on figuring out the quantum sciences behind it and from a science perspective, I found it very interesting even though I didn't follow it in the slightest. 
One thing I didn't expect in the film was the addition of the character, Ghost. I'd expected "baddies" and for the FBI and police forces to be hot-on-the-tail of the events but with another problem thrown into the mix, it makes it almost impossible for Ant-Man and the Wasp to actually find the solution effectively and efficiently. Of course, if they did, it wouldn't have been a film but nevertheless, it added a new dimension...quite literally.
I didn't like it at first but in all honesty, looking back, I do think it added another layer to the story which definitely made the story as a whole much faster paced. Having said that, I really enjoyed the slow moments in this film. I felt like there was a lot of character and relationship development without loosing the speed of the film. A lot of action films in the modern era tend to lack that background part for me so I'm glad it ticked the boxes.

It's funny because a lot of the scenes I felt like belonged to the first film, but it's simply because the trailer was released so long ago. The scenes felt familiar yet not totally, so it was interesting. With almost a month since the US release date, it's been a shame for the UK as many of the plot twists have been announced and described over social media.
Overall, I really enjoyed the film. The acting is perfect and the story is entertaining, yet not too fast paced that we miss the relationships being built. The new characters defintely built a stronger plot concept and kept the audience interested. Mostly, I liked that the film continued with not only where it finished with the last film but also with the concepts brought forward from the other Marvel film coverage.

Ps. Has anyone watched this film? I'm assuming Hope is "The Wasp" but does it say it ever?!