2 Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Money Online!

I think as an adult, budgeting is one of the biggest and most important steps of growing up. Unfortunately, most college's don't prepare students for that so it's down to parents and individuals themselves. I've never gone crazy with money.

Looking back, I've experience two extremes, on one hand I grew up with a father who was a doctor. As a young child, I never thought about money. It wasn't until my parents got divorced that money became an issue and in no way am I saying I was ever broke. Far from it. I am very lucky in that I've always had a roof over my head and food and warmth and everything I ever needed in life. But my mum had to be careful and so have I. I've always liked to do nice things but with that, I've made sacrifices elsewhere and I really am very careful with my money.

I've shared some tips in the past about budgeting but today I thought I'd share just a couple of communities I've absolutely loved utilising over the past year.

First of all, YouGov. YouGov is a service which allows members of the public to earn money for answering questions and surveys. You can express your opinion about interesting topics, which means you earn points, which you can turn into cash. The results and data are constantly featured across the media spectrum and shared on social media, so your opinion will shape the news. For a simple 10 minutes a day, you can cash out every £50. Sign up here to get started.

The second is Uber . As a student, I've fallen in love with Uber because I feel safe and I don't have to have any cash on me. It's an app which allows you to get a taxi from practically anywhere to anywhere. I've lost count of how many times I've used it but because of that, they invited me to be apart of their Rider Community. I've been amazed at how many gift cards I've recieved just for providing simple feedback about their service and answering questions about my normal journeys. Of course, you have to be a customer first so if you haven't yet used Uber, create an account and get money off your first ride here and wait for the invite.