Botanicals: Fresh Care (Review)

I got sent a couple of samples of the new Botanicals: Fresh Care hair range. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the sachet's because I actually hadn't been contacted to do any sort of review but I thought I might as well share a few of my thoughts.

Immediately upon tearing open the sachet I loved the smell of the product. It was very sweet and created a lovely aroma. It managed to stay in my hair for a number of days after the fact, which was perfect.
The shampoo lathered up which I loved and the conditioner made my hair silky smooth and easy to brush out.

A quite quick post today but as I only got 2 uses out of the product, I don't know the effects of long term use! Due to this, my hair didn't quite get used to the product so did need washing slightly more regularly, only lasting 2 days.

Have you tried this range? What did you think?


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