Dorco Eve Razors (Review)

Dorco is a company which allows people to have razors delivered directly to your door. You can order either a one off razor or subscribe to the programme to get regular razor heads delivered without ever worrying about it. The worst thing when shaving, is having a blunt blade!

All their razors use advanced technology to get closer to your closest shave. You can choose yours to suit your spending, skin type and shaving style, and look forward to the best shaving experience. Some of the features include:

  • 6 blades split into a unique ‘double 3’ blade format
  • Bendable cartridge 
  • Textured wide bar which follows your body contours
  • Multi-flex pivoting head
  • Refill cartridges
  • Advanced lubricating strip with natural extracts: calendula extract soothes dry skin and helps heal any irritation after shaving and argan oil moisturises and nourishes sensitive skin
I ordered a free trial of the Dorco EVE 6. This is the blade made especially for women and has a bendable 6 blade refill cartridge, designed to follow the curves of your body.

The packaging is really cute and fits through the metal box perfectly. I loved the gold touches and how it specifically says thank you. I also love that despite being quite self-explanatory, it's got some simple to use instructions to follow.
The razor and blades are all very secure. The razor has a perfect cut out for the handle and then there are 4 replacement heads which each have a unique box. It's not quite as eco-friendly or as green as it could be but it's defintely neat and looks aesthetic.
The handle is very ergonomically friendly. I love the weight and feel of both the handle alone and with the blade. I think it has a very smooth run and I love the mechanism for attachment. Each blade comes out of it's unique box in a plastic casing. While I used the razor, I really enjoyed it. It had a very clean and close shave and didn't leave me with any sort of razor burn. I defintely noticed how it glided easily over the different curves.
Unfortunately, as I was finishing shaving my legs, one of the blades came out. I have to say, this makes me very much question the quality of the product. I also then didn't feel safe continuing to use the razor so it meant that I haven't used the product since.
I had a little bit of trouble cancelling my subscription and suddenly saw a bill for replacement heads in my bank statement. A few days later, I received a package (again beautifully packaged) but given the fact I didn't love the product, I didn't want nor expect it. I emailed them to cancel and they said I could return it for a full refund. I did have to pay for postage but after a few weeks of contacting them, they ended up giving me a refund for that too. I have to say I was very irritated and annoyed that the cancellation didn't go through but in that respect, they really do have the best customer service and policies.

For £5 off all products and to purchase your own click here. While I may not have had the greatest experience initially, I do think for a free kit, it is great!