The Perfume Studio - Create your Own Perfume

Just a short post today because I'm literally running out of the flat for a last celebration before moving out tomorrow. Stay tuned for an update soon! I'm really aiming to write some posts up in advance because this week has been crazy stressful. 
This last time last year, I was invited to one of my first blogger events with PrezzyBox. I had such an amazing time and I always promised I would write up all the different activities. I never really got around to it but I thought now was the perfect time. 

The Perfume Studio is an incredible company that provides a service to allow guests to create their own bespoke fragrance in an easy and fun manner. We each got to smell a wide selection of fragrances with an experienced stylist. You can select up to 3 scents with each providing a different depth to the smell. 
I'm very set in my ways and love citrus scents so I ended up being very unique - apparently - and just chose one smell which was very refreshing and lemon-like...hence I ended up calling it Citrus Solo!
I really loved the whole experience and loved being able to talk all about the process of creating a perfume. Obviously, I was apart of a large group so I can imagine in a smaller more intimate setting you have even more time for each person which would be fantastic.